Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a hugely exciting time in your life, whether you are a first-time mum or this is your fifth pregnancy, or anywhere in between. Growing your baby and welcoming them into this world, will be the most incredible experience and the most important day of your life. Just like any hugely important event in your life, giving birth, requires preparation. Imagine you're getting married, sky-diving or running a marathon... Would you prepare yourself? Or would you just turn up on the day and hope for the best...? Giving birth is very similar in that manner. Although the female body is designed to give birth, there is so much that can be done to ensure you have a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing will provide you the tools, techniques and knowledge that you need. Don't leave your birth experience to chance.
My courses will prepare you for a calm, informed & confident birth. I would love to support you on your journey through birth and into motherhood. Get in touch if you'd like to know more. I will email or call you, whatever works best.


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