FAQ about hypnobirthing

When should I start?

I recommend getting started from about 20 weeks pregnant. This allows you enough time to practice and familiarise yourself with the techniques before you give birth. If you are further along in your pregnancy, don't panic. You can still start now. It will require some more dedication, but it will still be greatly beneficial.​ I once taught a lady who was 38 weeks pregnant!

The word 'hypnobirthing' sounds a little 'airy fairy'...

I agree that the name sounds a little odd... However... hypnobirthing is based on science. Several studies (both UK and internationally) have been carried out, showing hypnobirthing can be very successful in labour. The British Medical Association started recommending hypnobirthing back in the early 1950s. As you will quickly learn when you sign up for my course, my sessions are logical, practical, informative and no-nonsense. (No crystals or vagina whispering!I promise!!

My partner isn't keen on the idea of hypnobirthing. How can I convince him?

It's important to find out WHAT your partner's reservations are exactly. The 'hypno' part in hypnobirthing has somewhat of a negative connotation to it. Most people who aren't familiar with what hypnosis really is about, immediately think of stage hypnotism and mind tricks/games. The reality is... this couldn't be further from the truth. Hypnobirthing is very logical and practical. Your partner will have a well-defined role during your birth.
I'm more than happy to address whatever reservations your partner might have. Just get in touch and we can discuss this together.

I'm booked in for a c-section or what if I end up needing one?

You will find that your hypnobirthing preparation will be invaluable for a c-section birth. As hypnobirthing is all about empowering women (and their birth partners), it's about choice and control. Regardless of how your baby enters this world, you should have control of what you can and be able to ask for the support you need from your caregivers. Hypnobirthing will give you the confidence to make informed choices about your baby's birth. It will provide you with the tools and skills which are necessary to have a calm and confident birth.


Is hypnobirthing for home births and drug-free labours?

Certainly not. Hypnobirthing really is for anyone, regardless what type of birth they want or where. As a Calm Birth School hypnobirthing instructor, I am a supporter of women and I support my clients in their decisions, whatever these may be. I respect your wishes and choices, because it is YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR birth.


Does hypnobirthing really work?

It does! To what degree, will vary. I have met countless women who have had positive hypnobirths, myself included. As with many things in life however, hypnobirthing requires you to put in time and effort. Just like with horse riding, playing tennis or programming a computer, you will need to practice. You can't expect to pick up a book on horse riding, read it, and then become a talented rider overnight. Hypnobirthing is very much the same. You might think to yourself 'I'll just read the book, it's much cheaper and I'll get the same out of it.' I believe that reading up on hypnobirthing is a great start, but 'just' reading a book, won't be the same as an in-person course that is tailored to your needs. During a hypnobirthing course you will be taught invaluable tools and techniques, you will get all the support you need to be able to change your mindset about giving birth.