What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal and birth preparation course that teaches you about:

- the physiology of birth and pregnancy

- the tools you'll need for a calm and confident birth

- the 'mind-body connection' (fear causes tension causes pain. Luckily we can change this!)

- how to be in control of your own birth experience

- the incredibly important role of the birth partner

- the practical side of giving birth - induction, birth positions, birth place, writing your birth preferences, etc.

The aim of hypnobirthing is for you to have a positive birth experience, no matter what way your baby comes into this world. It doesn't guarantee you'll have a pain-free labour, but whatever sensations you'll be feeling, you will be calm, confident and in control.

It combines things like deep relaxation (yep, that’s all hypnosis really is), breathing techniques, visualisations, etc. … to prepare you and change your mindset around giving birth – it takes fear and anxiety away and replaces it with confidence and excitement. Yes, you can actually really look forward to and enjoy giving birth!



Benefits of hypnobirthing?

- Shorter labour

- Reduces the need for pain relief

- The birth partner plays an active role in your labour

- Reduces fear of labour

- Reduces anxiety during pregnancy

- Confident and informed decision-making during labour

- Strengthens bond/relationship between birth partners 

- Helps with prenatal bonding with baby

- Reduces need of interventions, including c-sections





Is it for you?

Hypnobirthing really is for everyone! Whether you are a 1st time mum, you’ve had a previous traumatic birth experience, you want to give birth without pain relief or you want every pain relief out there, you’re having a caesarean, or are classed as high-risk. 

If you want a positive birth experience, where you are calm and in control, then hypnobirthing is for you!